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Beitrag von Harald » 01.10.2013 18:01

Hallo Gartenbahner,

heute habe ich folgende Nachricht aus den USA erhalten:
Dear All,

New Crest Revolution deliveries just arrived, including sets with either steam or diesel sounds as well as receivers with either sound. Also just arriving is the Li-On batteries from Sanyo and our Guardian board. Don’t forget our companion auto cutoff charger is already in stock. We are fully committed to continuing the Revolution line and next year will add H.O. boards and new software. Please see our new website at http://www.crest-electronics.net. (Remember to use the dash in the domain name)

Crest Electronics will be relocated to the above new address after December 1, 2013. All package deliveries for repair will go to that address after that date and the 698 South 21st Street in Irvington, NJ 07111 until that date.

I will be doing the sales for Crest and the repairs for Aristo-Craft Trains for at least one year or until the parts run out. I’m also the product manager for Crest Electronics and will be the support person for the Revolution line.

Please no visitors to this facility, as this is a private mixed-use commercial building. I will see you at public train shows as often as possible.

Thank you for your patience during the transition. A new phone number has not been assigned yet, but we will notify you when it is.

Navin Shievdayal
Product Manager
Crest Electronics

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Beitrag von Ralf » 03.10.2013 21:57

Hallo Harald,

sehr sonderbar. CREST wurde ja ursprünglich von ARISTO CRAFT aufgekauft und einverleibt. Jetzt geht das Spiel in die entgegengesetzte Richtung. Das macht es natürlich noch schwieriger, das System weiterzuempfehlen, auch wenn es einwandfrei funktioniert (zumindest bei mir ist das so).
Beste Grüße